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Wave Tyrant Pages 3 and 4 by Kristine Synowka
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May 12th, 2011

At long last I've finally posted my second double page spread! I'm sorry to all of my non-existant fans for being this slow. Apparently I'm horrible at graphic design (for further proof, link to my flash game page or gallery and see the old site design that I haven't had time to update yet).

Now that that's off my shoulders, I would like to thank Marjorie Rishel at Lepus Studios for the generous blog about my webcomics debut. Ninth Runs Wild and Lepus Studios are literally cousin websites and we plan on promoting each others endeavers (family obligations). Once again, thank you Marjorie! You deserve much more than this sleep-deprived and semi-sarcastic blog.

Before I fall into a comatose daze, I would like to mention that I will be posting pages every Thursday morning, but until I get up to about page eight or so, I'll be putting up random pages here and there. There are two reasons for this: a) I'm anxious to get through the introduction, and b) I am already doing guest art for another webcomic and it could potentially be running soon.

Oh Yeah! And I promised Marjorie I'd remember to link to my facebook page for Ninth Runs Wild! Please feel free to visit Ninth Runs Wild on Facebook!




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