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May 19th, 2011

At long last, the hero of this webcomic makes his debut! For those of you who have been introduced to Wave Tyrant through Lepus Studios, you may remember a certain shark who made the cut for Marjorie's annual Easter Egg gallery. I've been told that his long body was a pain to fit nicely on an egg.

Last week I said that I was hoping to put up a bonus page. However updating the rest of the website had to be my top priority. The Gallery and Flash Games pages now match the rest of the website, and I've added an archives page for Wave Tyrant, a Links page, and an About page. We'll see if I can get a bonus page up this week, or if life happens yet again.

There's something else new about this week. Today's page is of normal comic book proportions. This will actually be the norm for Wave Tyrant - the previous two pages were designed as double page spreads (or perhaps I should say the previous four pages). Although I've seen web comics done absolutely beautifully all the way through as double page spreads, Wave Tyrant has way too much dialogue for me to make that a regular occurence.




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