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Wave Tyrant Page 7
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June 7th, 2011

This will be a short blog today since I'm late. Finally I'm past the long intro with no dialogue. Wave Tyrant is a fairly character-driven story, so expect much more speaking to come.

Schools of fish are starting to get a bit easier to draw, but this page had plenty of new problems for me to work out. Try as I might, I haven't quite found the perfect antiquated mid-water trawling reference yet. There is a great deal of artistic license and guessing going on with the actual process of how these guys would actually lift the nets, and even how the nets would drag behind the boat.

I'm also relatively please with what I've been learning with the coloring technique I've been using for Wave Tyrant, but I'm not sure if it's looking enough like a wood block print for my taste. The whole process is also needs to be streamlined. I like to work fast, but I haven't learned how to make these pages fast.

Since I spent all my time this past week on the drawing/coloring processes, I still don't have that Facebook button yet. Please click on this temporary link if you want to be friends with Ninth Runs Wild on Facebook.



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