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Wave Tyrant Page 8
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June 17th, 2011

The next page of Wave Tyrant will return to our regular Thursday update schedule and will be uploaded on the 23rd. Thank you for your patience. I will have many things to blog about, including an official thank you for another webcomic which just honored me by running my guest comic this monday and an official congratulations for another webcomic just launched by Lepus Studios.

June 14th, 2011

Here we go! The first big dialogue page is completed and now online! While I was sketching the storyboards, I loved the idea of having the fishermen ironically address just the fin of the shark sticking above the waves. It really amuses me to use that iconic image in a way that was a little bit out of it's normal context.

June 13th, 2011

The next page is 90 percent done, so I thought I'd post a quick preview image. I should be able to post the completed page either tonight or tomorrow morning, and I have more good news. I'd taken on an extra obligation due to the fact that I always think I can do more than physically possible and thus I have been struggling to keep my posting schedule. After this week that millstone around my neck will be no more and I will have much more time to focus on Wave Tyrant.

There's more good news, yet. It looks like I've found a flattener/colorist, so I should be able to speed up my production of pages even more. I'll post more details soon, as we are still working out how we are going to collaborate.

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