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Wave Tyrant Page 9 by Kristine Synowka
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June 24th, 2011

Hello one and all and welcome to the next weekly installment of Wave Tyrant.

Cursed computers and forgetting to save!I thought that this was going to be an easy week! Almost all of the panels on this page contained either sharks and dolphins - both of which are extremely easy for me to draw. In fact, I'd say that the one thing that high school prepared me for in life was to draw dolphins. Admittedly I was one of those people obsessed with America's favorite cetacean back then.

However, I think if we could communicate to sharks, the first thing we would learn about dolphins are that they are as obnoxious as they are tasty.


I have two belated announcements to make regarding the world of webcomics. Two weeks ago on Monday, Ninth Runs Wild's cousin site Lepus Studios launched the online graphic novel, Draconis Wicked. A couple of years back, when neither of us had a website, Marjorie and I would critique and proof scripts of Draconis and Wave Tyrant, so it seems fitting that they both came out this spring within months of each other. Congratulations Marjorie!

My other announcement is also regarding Tuesday of that same week. My first guest art ever appeared on the website, Being as shy as I am, I'm still somewhat amazed that I got up the courage to submit a guest comic to one of my favorite artists on the web.

If you haven't checked out reMind yet, do yourself a favor and head on over. Not only is the artwork beautiful, but Jason Brubaker is one of the helpful webcomic artists online. He's posted an amazing amount of articles on creating and publishing graphic novels, and it's always cool to get insight into the creative process.

Anyways, thanks for running my guest page, Jason!




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